Limitations of Acupuncture:

No needling on the carried arteries which may lead to the problem rather only put pressure acupressure

No needling on the vital organs or directly on the organs

No needling near the eyes

Do not cure things related to cancer TB AIDS HIV etc

For children start with Acupressure

No need for links on the belly button genital organs and also no Acupressure

No need to do all points with needles

No Acupressure and acupuncture on pregnant women’s

Do not use needles on the urinary bladder

1. Needling pain:

Cost by unskilled acupuncturist badly needles bad posture non-co-operative patient.

2. Bleeding:

At times bleeding occurs because of ruptured capillaries. Judgmentally it stops on pressing the point gently by a dry cotton swab to avoid clearly visible veins and dangerous points like LU 9. Cotton swab must be ready in hand while withdrawing needles.


It is not a severe complication that is bleeding under the skin and the skin area gets darker really it takes place in fair skin patients. Avoiding use of those particular points it gets normalized on its own in a few days.

4. Fainting:

Fainting is a very rare happening during Acupuncture treatment. It’s not fueled rare One must know the reasons behind it and measures to bridge over the situation common causes are extremely painful needling hunger nervous apprehension tiredness or overstimulation.


If care is taken to clean the skin area by spirit acupuncture needling does not cause infection disposable needles is the best practice to avoid infections.


Excessive pain

If the needles are not sterile introduce some germs in the patient’s body

Pancreatic some artery injury etc

Pain into the skin that is a black or blue spot known as a chemosis is the medical wordings That is bleeding beneath the skin.

After removing the needle blood comes out.

Taking full examination

Abortion due to some points

Painting is also called as Some point used near the neck that is carotid jubilar Vegas etc do not be needled/punctured.

Liver 3 for high BP, but can directly faint because of directly falling off bp.
No needling can prevent this.

The shock caused by the fear of needling etc

To bring the patient from fainting is to just make the patient lay down and raise his/her feet and also some water on the face which will help the patient to bring him back and calm the patient.